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There is no question the world of direct response centers around accountability.  This is a universally accepted tenant. And technology has certainly served to fine tune marketers’ ability to establish metrics linking specific programs with results.

But, do not confuse a program’s strong results with agency accountability. They can be two very different things.

Often there are many variables beyond an agency’s control that can account for a program’s success.  The agency should not be rewarded for something they cannot control. The agency should be held accountable for the things they can control.  And they should if they meet predetermined milestones.

This is where differentiates itself from other review consultancies.   We understand this difference.  Compensation agreements with either existing or new direct response or digital agencies need to reflect this understanding. Agency profits should only come from pre-agreed upon metrics that are under an agency’s control.

Rest assured we are also equipped to find you the right digital or direct response agency.  But again, we differentiate from other review consultancies. We have very knowledgeable partners who have held senior positions in the industry. We have been there and done it for many of the largest and successful national/global clients.

Whether it is an upgrade of your website, developing new social network platforms, a game-changing new app or a complete well articulated digital or direct strategy, we help identify the best agency(s) to meet those needs.