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Most agency reviews are nothing more than a one-off transactional process that ends once the winning agency is selected.

The Accountability Agency Review helps clients select the agency with the highest-quality strategic and creative talent that precisely matches the client's needs. But just as important, AFTER the review we give both the client and the selected agency the necessary steps and systems to ensure that:

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Waste is seemingly inherent in most relationships between agencies and clients. Unnecessary work, multiple rounds of work and inefficient agency practices all contribute to a client’s wasteful spending.

helps clients and their agencies thrive in today’s cost-conscious environment. Our Quality+Efficiency Audit uncovers various high-cost practices that drive up the use of agency resources—and the amount of agency compensation. Our goal is to help both clients and agencies work smarter with as little waste as possible.

We begin by listening—first to the client and then to the agency. This 360-degree audit helps us understand what is and isn’t working in the current relationship and it supplies with the necessary information to provide a detailed action plan that addresses every issue. But we don’t stop there. We also review the agency’s Scope of Work (SOW) over the past year in order to understand how agency resources are used and paid for by the client.

We then help the client calculate a new compensation model for its agency that includes a zero-based profit plan, featuring strong bonus incentives and a detailed SOW measurement process that provides compensation for output and better agency efficiency.

Finally, we provide detailed steps that both the agency and client must take and evaluate to uphold the improvements identified during the audit.

The Quality+Efficiency Audit helps optimize the client-agency relationship. Clients often use this audit to look for cost-saving opportunities. Agencies also use it as a preventative measure to learn how to work better with their clients and avoid pitfalls that can put relationships at risk.

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